FactCheck: Did Rahul Gandhi Drew a Blank When Asked About His Kailash Experience?

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On 17th September 2018, Indian Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed Congress workers in Bhopal during Congress Sankalp Yatra, Post his address, Amit Malviya who is In-charge of BJP’s National Information & Technology tweeted a video of the address


Tweet specifically alleges that Congress President goes blank when asked about his Kailash experience; also it asks its readers to listen to “Narendra Modi Chants” in the background.

This tweet got 12k Likes, 6.3K retweets & around 1k comments, one of the replies to Malviya tweet seconds his claim on the pro Narendra Modi Chants.


Another tweet from Mahesh Vikram Hegde, whose profile states “blessed to be followed by PM Narendra Modi” and is the founder of propaganda News website “Postcard News”


Hedge reaffirms INC president Mr. Rahul Gandhi going blank when asked about Kailash experience and stating
“Tired of waiting, ppl in rally started shouting MODI ZINDABAD!”
Mr. Hegde’s Tweet attracted 5.4K likes, 4K retweets and 441 comments.

Similarly the same narrative was shared on different Facebook pages and shared extensively.

However when FactCrescendo investigated the truth behind the above narrative, we found that the videos shared of Mr. Rahul Gandhi are of shorter duration than what actual was, Amit Malviya”s video is of 55 seconds, wherein Mr.Hegde had tweeted a video of 40 seconds.

Though there was a momentary pause and after the pause Rahul Gandhi did answer his experience on Kailash mansarovar, which can be seen clearly in the extended video below, shared at the Indian National Congress YouTube page.


Particularly at “1:23:00” in the above video he starts answering the experience and ends it by “1:23:26”.
Mr. Rahul Gandhi Clearly states describing his Kailash experience as” Kailash, whoever goes to Kailash Mansarover, on his return every thing changes, ones thought process changes and there’s a deeper meaning to life”.

The second claim made in the narrative shared at various social media platforms speaks about “Pro Narendra Modi chants” during the function, however, when the question on Kailash Mansarovar was asked there were chants of “Har Har Mahadev” from the crowd.

One can also clearly listen to the background at “1:22:59”, where the chants are of “Rahul Gandhi Zindabad”

FactCrescendo spoke with one of the Congress leader present at the rally; he on subject to anonymity stated that
“There was a huge turnout of congress workers at Dashhera maidan, and during question and answers there was a lot of commotion in the background, as everybody wanted to be a part of the Samvad.
He further stated that a spiritual experience is always personal and yes Mr. Gandhi thought for a while but was candid in his reply, he shared precisely what he felt.”

FactCrescendo verifies that the video circulated on various handles mentioned above, “is a sliced portion of the entire video” to take a jibe on Rahul Gandhi, also the claim on Pro Modi slogans are actually Pro Rahul Gandhi slogans.

FactCrescendo requests its readers to verify the narratives of stories before sharing them on social media platforms.